Short Description

Compact Controller for all kinds of cold storages like refrigeration units, cold rooms, refrigerators, counters, etc.
For pulse-width modulated Expansion Valves or Valves with Thermal Drive. For single- or network operation together with VPR Compound Systems.

  • • 4 temperature probe inputs, 4 relays, 2 digital inputs
  • • Free function assignment of inputs and outputs
  • • Temperature control, defrost, fan control, roller blind control, etc.
  • • Proactive control and condensation pressure optimization in cooperation with VPR Compound Systems
  • • Defrost initiation: automatic, 6 start times or manually
  • • Intelligent, adaptive defrost control, clocking
  • • Autoadaptive defrost necessity recognition without additional probe
  • • Emergency mode, alarm thermostat, runtime monitoring, min. idle time
  • • Utilizing of latency heat by intelligent fan control
  • • Temperature control, cooling and heating
  • • 2nd control setpoint (day/night) and 2nd setpoint layer
  • • Fan control (start/trailing/thermostatic)
  • • Roller blind control, frame-/pane heater control
  • • Door contact input, clock controlled lighting relay
  • • you will find detailed technical informations in the manual